Starcraft Pylon crystal necklace - Protoss

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Starcraft Pylon crystal necklace - made by Protoss for Terrans against Zergs

Handmade Protoss Medallion - STARCRAFT -
The pendant that you always need to build more.

New unique Pylon necklace.
Gold couted with resin crystal.
High quality.

Terrific glittery crystal inserted in a gold frame,
Some Terrans believe that they saw it floating in the air, spinning inside the ring.
Uncut crystal of khaydarin - based
Pylons generates a strong electromagnetic field around the wearer,
which protects from annoying Zergs and sometimes from bullets.
Carefully Protoss warn,
pylons project a strong magnetic field which may not be safe for Terrans.
30 x 26 x 47 mm
1.2 x 1.0 x 1.8 inch
The ring: Brass, coated with gold.
The crystal: Resin with blue glitter
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